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Climate and oceanographic change in the Atlantic of northern Spain

Climate and oceanographic change in the Atlantic of northern Spain
Climate and oceanographic change in the Atlantic of northern Spain

Antonio Bode (edicion)

Filiación: IEO. Centro Oceanográfico de A Coruña.

Biografía: No disponible

Alicia Lavín (edicion)

Filiación: IEO. Centro Oceanográfico de Santander.

Biografía: No disponible

Luis Valdés (edicion)

Filiación: IEO. Centro Oceanográfico de Gijón/Xixón. Dirección actual: Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC). UNESCO

Biografía: No disponible


Edition: Antonio Bode; Alicia Lavín; Luis Valdés

Acerca de los autores 

Año de publicación: 2012

Idioma: Spanish

Colección: Temas de Oceanografía

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This book presents a synthesis of the oceanic time-series observations of IEO in the Atlantic region of northern Spain. These series, starting in 1943 with tide-gauges, reveal evidence of interanual changes in physical, chemical and biological properties of the ocean that were related to climatic factors, allowing to estimate future impacts of climate on the ocean. The volume continues the series started with “Climate Change in the Spanish Mediterranean” (Vargas Yánez et al., 2010). In this case the study is multidisciplinary, including for the first time series obtained in coordinated and simultaneous observational programs. The eight chapters first analyse recent climatic variability and its influence on the regional oceanography, particularly in relation to the intensity and frequency of the deep-water upwelling that largely determines the seasonal inputs of nutrients and primary production in this region. Next, the main trends in sea level revealed by tidal gauges along with the estimates of expected extreme levels are described. The variability in inorganic nutrients and the identification of limiting elements for primary production were presented as a comparative analysis between Galicia (in the West) and the Mar Cantábrico (in the East). Finally, the variability in the composition of the plankton communities, including phytoplankton, picoplankton and zooplankton, is analysed as indicative of changes in the pelagic ecosystem. Particular attention is given to the fluctuations in primary biomass and production and to the presence of salps and jellyfish in relation to climate.

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Más información

Descripción física del libro: 280 p. ; 72 il. ; 24 cm

ISBN: 978-84-95877-08-6

Publicación: Madrid : Instituto Español de Oceanografía : Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, 2012

Otros datos de interes: Copyright: Instituto Español de Oceanografía. NIPO: 473-11-003-X. Depósito Legal: M-10.693-2012. Colección Temas de Oceanografía, núm. 5. Purchase the print edition: IEO. Tel. 91-3421138. publicaciones@md.ieo.es. http://www.ieo.es/publicaciones/publicaciones.html

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